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Extra Slim Activated Carbon Filters - cheeky in Pink


Purize XTRA Slim: Now even thinner!

The XTRA Slim Size is completely new in Purize's product portfolio. This small & powerful activated carbon filter is even more suitable for rolling. With the 2 heat-resistant high-performance ceramic caps on both sides, there is no more confusion. No matter in which direction you insert the filter, Purize always fits!


The highly effective activated charcoal contained in the Purize activated carbon filters is of plant-based origin, washed & sieved. Ultimately, only the active ingredients & aromas that you desire while smoking reach your lungs. Scratchy blends taste significantly milder and even pure smoking becomes noticeably smoother and softer.


100 pcs. unbleached organic filters in a comfortable, re-usable glass jar!

Purize | Active Filers in Glass Jar | Extra Slim

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