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ActiTubes Slim variant of the pollutant-reducing filters!

The new SLIM filter is thinner and shorter than the "normal" one & features two ceramic caps!

More smoking pleasure through activated carbon

With the use of activated carbon, a high proportion of harmful condensates is filtered out of the smoke. The majority of the pollutants adhere to the activated carbon and are disposed of when the filter is changed. The smoke becomes pleasantly mild without impairing the effect.

Further advantages of the Tune activated carbon filter system:

  • the taste is improved
  • the lungs are less stressed
  • the pipe stays clean longer
  • scratchy smoke mixtures have a soft taste
  • pure smoking is made easier

In addition, the Tune activated carbon filters have a special end cap which, unlike conventional activated carbon filters, does not clog even joints and reliably keeps the condensation fluid away from the mouth!

actiTube Active Carbon Filters | Slim

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