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MAGU organic CBD Oil for cats is free from THC & terpenes, making it perfectly suited for your domestic feline. It's composed of organic sunflower oil and CBD extract from controlled organic cultivation. The hemp plants are growing and used for this product in the Weinviertel region in Austria. Using an innovative extraction process, we gently preserve the ingredients, ensuring they remain in the maximally bioavailable form.


Usage: Distribute 1-2 times daily up to 3 drops in the cat's mouth. Drop the oil onto the cat's nose. Cats will independently distribute the oil in their mouth.

Ingredients: 4% Cannabidiol (400 mg) 100% Single-variety cold-pressed hemp oil

The 4% denotes the overall volume of CBD relative to the total amount of oil.

Package contents: 10 ml (approx. 200 drops)

MAGU | CBD Oil for Cats

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