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Experience High-Quality MOJO CBD Oils!

Quality need not be unaffordable, and at CBD Garden Bratislava, we firmly believe in that. We are proud retailers of Mojo CBD products, a brand dedicated to providing top-quality products at the best possible price. Mojo understands that Cannabidiol should not only be accessible to those who can afford a luxury product, but to all who can benefit from its potential.

CBD Garden Bratislava offers Mojo CBD oil at unbeatable prices. Through precise and conscientious cultivation, harvesting, and processing of hemp plants, Mojo ensures top-notch products. Gentle, efficient extraction processes, perfected workflow, short transportation distances, and minimal storage times allow us to offer Mojo CBD oils at a substantially lower cost than traditional CBD products.

The concept of "Mojo" originates from the mystical tradition of Hoodoo folk magic, popular in rural regions in the southern USA. Traditionally, a Mojo is a bag filled with magical herbs believed to bring luck. However, the magic of Mojo CBD products is not dependent on amulets or puzzling sorcery. The natural ingredients of our cannabis extracts require no magic spells to bring the utmost wellbeing to our customers.

Trust in us is welcome, but it's not a necessity. That's because all Mojo CBD oils are independently certified by Arge Canna, a non-profit organization repre

senting the interests of those who benefit from cannabis as a medicine. This certification guarantees the highest level of purity and quality.

Mojo offers a range of products that focus on the essentials: CBD oil with 10% or 20% CBD, uncompromisingly at the best price. Both versions are full-spectrum extracts. Characteristic of such extracts is the use of the entire hemp plant in the extraction process. This complete extraction includes, apart from Cannabidiol, over 100 other cannabinoids, real terpenes, and flavonoids. As a base for our CBD drops, we consciously choose organic hemp oil. This natural plant oil, rich in essential Omega fatty acids, is extracted from the seeds of the cannabis plant. In this way, we unite the full power of the cannabis plant in a small bottle. Admittedly, it does border a little on magic.

As an Austrian company, Mojo cares deeply about our planet. They prioritize resource-conserving production and regional processing. Hence, Mojo CBD is 100% made in Austria. From the cultivation of EU industrial hemp plants, through the extraction of the active ingredients, to the bottling - the entire manufacturing process takes place in Austria. The organic hemp oil, which is used as a carrier oil for our cannabis extract, also comes from Austrian cultivation.

Visit our store, CBD Garden Bratislava, or explore our online shop to experience the magic of Mojo CBD oils, contributing to your wellbeing, while supporting sustainable and local production.

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